iPad 2 with Smart Cover

Get your hands on The New iPad 2 + Smart Cover, at no cost to you!

One of the hottest methods of promoting a product or service on the Internet today is to give-a-way something that the majority of the public already wants in exchange for them reviewing or testing something else that they may want or need at some point in the future. Advertisers all over the world participate in this form of marketing. They pay for the cost of the iPad 2 up front in exchange for the exposure they receive for other featured products. It turns out to be a win, win situation for everyone involved.

Right now users can only receive a free iPad 2 for participation. Testers are not obligated in anyway, however they must provide a valid email address and follow through with the simple steps.

Thousands of people have received a free iPad and iPhone by way of this type of offer. The input required from your end is a valid email address to get started. Then follow the simple steps and stand a chance to get a free iPad 2 with Cover.

Testers are required to test various applications on it and then submit their honest feedback to the companies that manufactures them along with a small essay describing their experience while using the application. As a reward, they won't receive cash, but the iPad they used for testing.

Only free
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